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Crio Brü is prepared any way that traditional coffee is prepared. This opens up endless possibilities as you enjoy this artisan roasted cacao.


From marinated beef tenderloins to cupcakes you won't believe all that you can do with Crio Bru. You may just start drinking Crio for the cooking grounds!

  • "I have become completely addicted to the Crio Beans and Bru. I gave a friend of mine some of the Cavalla with a french press and some of the Crio beans for her birthday. With in 10 minutes I received a text from her saying that she had just polished off her 3rd cup. I love this stuff!! I'm not fond of overly sweet hot chocolate and..."
    - Janet B.
  • "My brother put me on to the Bru a little while ago. Being in the Coast Guard, just about everyone functions on a constant stream of coffee. I have found that one cup of Crio keeps me more awake, alert and energetic than the multiple cups of coffee that my shipmates down during midnight watches. Also as a chef I have found many uses for the Bru..."
    - Hans S.
  • "Where has this been all my life? I love this stuff! I am diabetic and there just isn't a good cocoa out there for me. It is fabulous. I am so happy. Thank you for a great product!"
    - Jean E.
  • "As a firefighter I rely on mental and physical strength to perform my daily tasks. Every moring, the entire crew has a cup of Crio before our shift. Not only do I enjoy the taste of Crio, I have also found it is a healthy alternative to other morning beverages. I have experienced an increase of focus and energy that helps me get through..."
    - Brad, Career Firefighter
  • "I received a gift basket from my husband almost a year ago for Valentines Day. He knows how much I love chocolate and seeing that it was cocoa he felt safe in the purchase. Little did he know the gold mine that he was bringing home to me! From the very first cup I have LOVED the flavor . . . and that was before I had even read how good it was..."
    - Brenda T.